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Dogecoin, nwo.AI, and Hasbro...

Dogecoin to the Moon 🚀

With all the social media frenzy currently surrounding cryptocurrencies - from Elon Musk’s Dogecoin memes to Michael Saylor raising over USD 900 million to purchase Bitcoin - it may be a good time to understand the key conversation around Bitcoin and altcoins.

So you think we can’t predict the future

There is so much to celebrate in the world of Gen Z entrepreneurship at the moment and one particular success story is of Imogen Low.

FactZ Check

  • Hasbro announced that they will be rebranding their classic Mr Potato Head toy, to Potato Head, keeping it gender neutral.

  • Clubhouse co-founder has said that an Android app is a major priorityfor them right now. We know you android users have been eager to use the platform, and the wait may soon (hopefully) be over.

  • The Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine, which only requires a single shot, has been approved in the US; an exciting and encouraging development!


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