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If you’re a startup or an SME in need of a team of strategists, we urge you to reach out.



Our range of expertise for businesses comes from our global network. Currently, these are the industries we believe we are best fit to serve with more to come soon!


Strategy and Operations

Corporate Finance

Revenue Recovery


Marketing and Sales

Digital Transformation





Financial Services



Social Enterprise



Dr. Gabriel Rebollón G

President at Fundación Sangre Panamá

"It was a great experience, working alongside Reshape Consultants helped us redefine our strategy and bring a innovative perspective for our Projects without altering our mission of saving lives."


Alex de Guirior

Co-Founder of Mikakus

"Working with ReShape was easy from the beginning. They are a team of very professional and qualified people and they were 100% involved in the project. The results have been very satisfactory and we highly recommend working with them."


Monica Manoj Punjabi

Chief Operating Officer of Finllect

"My experience was quite productive and proffessional. The team asked great questions and came up with detailed suggestions for various aspects of our business. I would like to highlight that these young minds have done an especially wonderful job with their due deligence and research for our project."

Celebrating Small Wins with


We would like to celebrate the launch of a new website by Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative - MANI, an online resource intended to help those who have seen their mental health negatively affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria.

Working as a non-profit organisation, MANI aims to alleviate the social stigmas surrounding mental health conditions through this new online platform.

Client Registration


We'll start by assessing your typeform and arrange the initial meeting via Zoom with you and the consulting director. 

You'll then be sent our contract to sign and payment instructions, whilst we conduct due diligence checks.

We outline your project scope, construct the project brief and select the team of consultants specialising in your field of interest


We'll conduct the initial meeting with you and the consulting team. The project will now commence.

Once we deliver your final presentation and the brief objectives have been met, the project concludes.

You'll then have an opportunity to provide your feedback.

  • How much time would I need to commit to ReShape Co.?
    Consultants will be required to commit to a 6 month contract. Depending on the type of project or industry, the time commitment per week varies but will be approximately: Project Lead - 8-10 hours Consultant - 6-8 hours
  • How many projects can I participate in?
    At any given time, you are allocated to a single project, but you can continue with ReShape Co. so long as you can commit the time mentioned in your contract.
  • What if I want to expertise outside my specialisation?
    This is completely fine. We ask you to choose the top 3 industries that you would want to work with. If these are outside your specialisation, it simply means more research on your part.
  • What if I want to take a break between projects?
    In our onboarding process we ask you your preferred end date and at the end of every project, our feedback process asks you whether you would like to be reassigned, take a break, or leave ReShape Co.
  • What is the difference between a project lead and consultant?
    Project leads manage teams of consultants while the consultants deal with the businesses hands-on. There is no difference in the prestige of either role.
  • What if I need to leave ReShape Co. abruptly?
    Although we require you to sign a contract, the contract's purpose is for data protection. We will do our best to understand your situation.
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