If you’re a startup or an SME in need of a team of strategists, we urge you to reach out.



Our range of expertise for businesses comes from our global network. Currently, these are the industries we believe we are best fit to serve with more to come soon!


Strategy and Operations

Corporate Finance

Revenue Recovery


Marketing and Sales

Digital Transformation





Financial Services



Social Enterprise


Fatema Isa Ebrahim

CEO at Andra Public Relations

"ReShape and the team that was assigned specifically for Andra PR have allowed us to explore new venues, and take the next step to achieve some of them in just a short amount of time. In our 4 weeks of working together, we had the opportunity to brainstorm as a team, discuss key strategies and each team member shed light using their experience for different ideas. I would recommend startups and businesses to connect with ReShape and explore this platform"

Wadi Victoria Ben-Hirki

Founder of Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation

"ReShape Co. is a very outstanding company that I am happy to know and we at WBHF are very grateful for the great intervention. Everything was perfect; from being on time for meetings, to professionalism to the presentations and consultations. We are currently working on different aspects of our organization and many thanks to ReShape, we are putting a couple of things into consideration, that we wouldn't have ordinarily done. Looking forward to giving you feedback on our progress soon enough. All the best and a big THANK YOU!"

Sandhya Narayanan

Director of Global Partnerships

at Project Access International

"It was a pleasure to work with the ReShape Co. team on a short project for Project Access International. The team were dedicated, friendly and their recommendations and suggestions proved very useful to help solve the challenges I was facing within my team. The ReShape Co. team set clear expectations throughout the project and delivered everything expected of them on time, with a clear justification for all their recommendations."

Celebrating Small Wins with

We would like to celebrate the launch of a new website by Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative - MANI, an online resource intended to help those who have seen their mental health negatively affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria.

Working as a non-profit organisation, MANI aims to alleviate the social stigmas surrounding mental health conditions through this new online platform.


We'll start by assessing your typeform and arrange the initial meeting via Zoom with you and the consulting director. 

You'll then be sent our contract to sign and payment instructions, whilst we conduct due diligence checks.

We outline your project scope, construct the project brief and select the team of consultants specialising in your field of interest


We'll conduct the initial meeting with you and the consulting team. The project will now commence.

Once we deliver your final presentation and the brief objectives have been met, the project concludes.

You'll then have an opportunity to provide your feedback.


If you’re a startup or an SME in need of a team of strategists, we urge you to reach out.


Please leave us with your details and we shall reach out with the steps to proceed.



Are there any fees or costs involved in the engagement?

We charge a service fee based on our team and resources, conveyed to you before the engagement. Any costs that arise as a result of our advice are not borne by us. It is at your discretion whether to proceed with the idea.

How long can I use ReShape Co.'s services?

Since different companies and industries function on different timelines, this is decided by us on an ad hoc basis. However, the decision is made clear to you prior the agreement.

How many consultants will my company be working with?

Typically, our teams range from 4-6 people.

What if my industry isn't listed above?

We still urge you to reach out to us. We're onboarding consultants everyday and might be able to serve you in the near future.

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