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Oatly, Influencers, and Unilever...


Holy Cow! Is Oatly milking the vegan trend for what it's worth? 🥛

A handful of oats and some water worth $12 billion?! – YES! This week the world’s biggest oat milk maker frothed 19% in its IPO. This amounted to 24x last year’s sales and when compared to plant-based brands like Beyond Meat’s 16x and Danon’s (who house Alpro and Silko) 2x increase when they went public, it’s impressive!


Whomst Influencer? 👀📱

Nowadays, it feels like everyone’s a social media influencer. Our platforms are flooded with carefully crafted versions of what people’s lives looks like. Being an influencer is kinda like having a superpower, after all, they have the capacity to change the behaviour of their followers. Last week for example, Nicki Minaj wore a pair of bejewelled pink Crocs on Instagram to her 136 million followers and the demand for pink crocs spiked by 4,900% in just hours.


Toothpaste tubes you can actually recycle ♻️

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face today, and our daily habits aren’t helping the problem. Billions of toothpaste tubes are dumped into landfills every year; we care about the environment, but we still have to brush our teeth, right?

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