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Twitter Tips, Peloton Failure, and Netflix's Emissions...

Are tips included with that Tweet? 🤔

Avid Twitter users may have noticed some changes on the app this week... The social media platform are showing their appreciation for creators through their new Tip Jar feature! Safety oversight at Peloton leads to loss of a child's life & recalls costing $165m

Peloton has almost had a kind of cult rising during the pandemic - they've even struggled to keep up with demand as people find ways to keep fit from home. Following investigations by a US watchdog, Peloton has recalled 125,000 of their Treads and Tread+. This comes after a 6-year-old died after getting stuck under the treadmill whilst it was still running, this is not the first sign of caution that there was a greater requirement for safety around the product, especially given that Peloton have had 72 other reports of injuries such as broken bones and cuts as a result of using their machine.

Let's add Netflix to the list of things which are damaging the planet 🌎

We know driving is bad for the planet, it’s common knowledge, right? However, you may not know that your Netflix addiction is creating some serious environmental damage too. According to a BigThink article, watching just 30 minutes of Netflix produces 1.6kg of carbon dioxide – that’s emissions equivalent to driving 4 miles!

FactZ Check

  • We hope you got a chance to catch last weeks special edition of FactZ; we've created (and updated) a document with some credible pages for you to donate to help with the COVID situation in India. The document is hyperlinked.

  • Fancy some pea milk? Nestle have launched their carbon-neutral and vegan pea milk brand - it's even set to rival Oatly and Alpro. 🥛

  • Actress Jessica Alba took her business, the Honest Co. public this week; shares soared 44% in its market debut and the company is now valued at $2.45 billion. 🤩

  • Labour's Sadiq Khan has become Mayor of London for a second term.


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