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Nuance, Coinbase, and Night(clubs/mares)...

"Hey Siri, bet $20bn on Nuance"

Tech giant Microsoft has announced that it’s buying Nuance – the creator that developed Apple’s Siri voice recognition technology. More recently, this AI has been used to transcribe doctor-patient discussions, in order to update health records and help predict a patient’s future needs.

All about Coinbase - Brian Armstrong's 9 year old baby 💰

Coinbase, the second biggest crypto exchange, went public on Wednesday, making it the first major crypto company to hit the US stock markets. It was valued at nearly $100bn in their direct listing (that’s more than many well-known firms).

Nightclub industry? More like a Nightmare industry🕺

Many industries lost out during the pandemic. Nightclubs, however, seem to have drawn the shortest straw. They’ve been closed for over a year now (in the UK at least), being one of the few sectors to barely reopen. Last summer they watched from the side-lines as bars and restaurants served customers.

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