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LinkedIn, Vaccine Passports (Again?), and Funds...

LinkedIn, but let's make it more for students 👀

Cold emailing to find mentors, sprucing up our Linkedin profiles for our favorite corporate overlords, we've all been there. But have you ever thought that maybe LinkedIn wasn't exactly student-friendly?

NFT Vaccine Passports 😎 jk. Paper Vaccine Certificates, maybe, in 2021, not jk 😅

The UK government is seriously considering the use of vaccine passports, or certificates rather, to ease out of lockdown. People can demonstrate their coronavirus status by verifying whether they’ve been vaccinated, had a recent negative COVID test, or gained natural immunity - based on a positive test taken in the previous 6 months.

BlackRock vs GreenRock. Who should we believe? 🤷

BlackRock have raised a massive $4.8 billion (nearly double their initial target) for a new clean energy fund. The fund includes money from more than 100 institutional investors, demonstrating the explosive demand for ESG and the green power sector (and the popularity of investing in it).

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