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Deliveroo, Clubhouse, and Vegan Chocolate...

Vroom...Vroom...Deliveroo's IPO nightmare (In less than 1 minute) 🚴

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak gushed (before their listing that is) at how Deliveroo is a “true British tech success story”. However, Deliveroo’s stock market debut tuned out to be “The worst IPO in London’s history,” according to one of its bankers.

You get Live Audio! And you get Live Audio! And everybody gets Live Audio!!! 🎧

In the world of social media, live audio chats are what’s IN. Clubhouse has raked in almost 13 million downloads (not bad for an invite-only platform that’s currently only available to iPhone users) since its debut last year and is widely used by celebrities from Elon Musk and Bill Gates to Drake and Justin Bieber. Given its popularity, it’s no surprise social media giants are investing in their own clones.

Vegan Easter Eggs better than the Mockolate? You bet 😋

The weather's improving. Lockdown restrictions are easing, and Brits are enjoying the four-day long Easter weekend. All that’s needed are a few dozen Easter eggs – and households are in no shortage as sales are up almost 50% in the UK this year compared to last year. With the market for vegan chocolate increasing in the past few years we’re seeing a range of vegan Easter eggs enter the market.

FactZ Check

  • The VC legends from Harlem Capital just raised $134M to invest in diverse founders! Oh how the cap tables have turned 🤷

  • Sophia the Robot, just sold some NFT art for a whopping $688,000, the robots are now coming after the artists too-- we are truly screwed 😅

  • Lil Nas X VS Nike, and the court favours the people that actually made the shoes, who would've guessed

  • Spoiler Alert: Philanthropist Tony Stark is well & alive, just resurrected under the Footprint Coalition, Robert Downey Jr's new VC fund focused on investing exclusively in sustainability-focused companies 💚


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