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Crowdfunding, TikTok, and Amazon Salons...

So, you think you can Entrepreneur?

54% of Gen-Z say they want to become entrepreneurs, but a commonality is also that most Gen-Z aren’t earning enough to finance the next big tech start-up. Their typical sources of finance would include angels (who need not always be as nice as their name suggests), venture capitalists, and friends & family.

TikTok can't stop...must stop illegally collecting children's data

Yet again, TikTok is in the ‘class action firing line’ for alleged data protection violations in the UK and EU. It’s being filed on behalf of millions of children who have had personal information (including phone numbers, exact location, and biometric data) collected without sufficient warning, transparency, or the compulsory consent required by law.

No more bad hair days

Amazon announced on Tuesday that they’re moving into the hairdressing space. They’ll be opening their first salon in London (more specifically, Spitalfields). But this is Amazon we’re talking about; it can’t just be like any old salon, right?

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