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Community, EVs, and the Future of Content...

You've incorporated community awareness into your product. COLLECT 100 💸

Community is so important, now more than ever. The latest brand to incorporate this into their products is Hasbro, with the revamp of their classic Community Chest cards in Monopoly.

Electric Vehicle Stocks - it's complicated 📉

Since sky-rocketing 743% in 2020, Tesla looked to be an unstoppable force coming into 2021, hitting every milestone from Elon Musk bagging the title of being the “Wealthiest Person on the Planet” to Tesla stock breaking the $900 barrier and the announcement this week that Tesla cars can even be bought in Bitcoin!

The obsession with short-form videos continues... 🎥

Guilty of binge-watching Netflix? Well now you can spend your time scrolling through their new feature designed to make you laugh in less than 10 seconds!

FactZ Check

  • Facebook is creating an Instagram specifically for kids (age 13 and under). Given that many of us were already on social media at that age, could creating this platform be a good idea to protect kids from at least some of the harmful impacts social media can have?

  • Deliveroo are hitting stock markets on April 7th and are targeting an IPO valuation of up to £8.8bn! Think they have my countless lock-down takeaways to thank 🤭🥡

  • Prince Harry has joined a silicon-valley based coaching and mental health services start-up, BetterUp as their Chief Impact Officer.

  • And finally, we know where we'll be seeing Boris Johnson on April 12th!(hint - it's not the barbers)


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