If you believe in our purpose and want to contribute to help SMEs survive these challenging times, we could really use your help.

You will then have the opportunity to work directly with our consultants and refine your leadership/mentoring skills.

Our clients are SMEs from all around the world, with some that have particularly unique problems. This role gives you the opportunity to be part of solving these problems.

When you join us, you are given the option of choosing your industry of interest. Choosing an industry that is outside the scope of your current job allows you to gain experience in a whole new field.


If you are a professional working at a consultancy, join our network as an advisor.

Every now and then our consultants may need a professional set of eyes to oversee tricky aspects of their projects. This is where you come in!


Your advice would be paramount in obtaining a better outcome for the SMEs that we represent. Your advice is to help steer students in the right direction rather than a solution to the problems. It is therefore considered friendly mentoring rather than professional help.


How much time would I need to commit to ReShape Co.?

The time you commit is entirely up to you, but we expect at minimum approximately one, 30-minute call every 2 weeks.

Will I be onboard for one project or will this be continuous?

Although we assign the projects to you, it is your choice of how many projects you want to be a part of.

Do I get to choose the projects I undertake?

In the registration form, we ask you to choose your industry of interest. Thereon, to ensure fluidity, we assign you projects according to your choice of industry.

What is the timeframe for the commitment?

This again is entirely up to you. We would like you to continue volunteering beyond the scope of one project, but you have the freedom to leave ReShape as and when you see fit.